Facts Of Chasing Classic Cars By Wayne Carini

Chasing classic cars is a popular car program hosted by Wayne Carini, a classic car lover. He travels around the world to hunt popular classic vehicles from all eras. Carini is capable of restoring and renovating classic from all over the world. He takes part in auction sale for selling some of his classic collections. He has his collection of classic cars.

Some of the facts of chasing classic cars by Wayne Carini

Ferrari 250 WB- Life Long Chase

Wayne Carini chased has several cars in his lifetime. The Ferrari 250 WB classic car was the one that he chased all his lifetime. It is not possible to own this classic car as it is costly.

Personal Collection

Carini restores many classic cars and sells it, other car lovers. But Carini owns its collection of classic cars. Carini’s personal collection of classic cars contains nearly 25 popular classic cars. Some of the cars in his collection include 1952 Muntz Jet, 1964 Shelby Cobra, 1936 Ford Pickup and lot more.

Dream Car Chase-36 years

Wayne Carini chased for his dream classic car for nearly 36 years. His passion for cars has made it possible to possible to chase for his dream car for these many years. He wanted to own this car at the age of 16. So he started to earn to purchase the car, and at the age of 52 years, he bought his dream car.

Carini Met Barr

Carini and Barr were friends from their childhood, and they met each other at the age of ten years.

Carini Studied To Become A Teacher

Carini, who is a classic car lover and renovator, studied to become a teacher. He studied at Central Connecticut State University. He wanted to become an art teacher. When he finished his education, he found there were only fewer opportunities for an art teacher. Later he studied Ferrari restoration and became a professional classic car renovator.

High Ratings For The Show

The chasing of classic cars is a popular TV show hosted by Carini has completed thirteen seasons. This show has gained its velocity in the past two years. The rating of the car also increased in recent years.

Barr Former Formula Champion Driver

Barr worked in the air force of Germany gathered a lot of mechanical knowledge. Barr was an unbeaten champion driver of Formula races.

Carini’s Family

Carini, a professional car restorer, has come from a family of car restorers. Many of his family members were successful car restorers.

The above are some of the exciting facts about Wayne Carini’s chasing classic cars.


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