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Interesting Facts About Classic Cars

Car lovers wish to own classic cars. Several popular brands come up with some unique models of classic cars. Some type of cars would never enter the scrap yard, and these cars can be called classic cars. Car enthusiasts are crazy about owning several models of classic cars. Classic cars are not mainly used for transport, and there are several other significances for these cars. The following are some of the interesting facts about classic cars. Amazingly Interesting Facts About Classic Cars Self Propelled Mechanical Vehicle: The first mechanical tricycle vehicle that was powered with steam. It was a self-propelled vehicle that was released in the year 1769.  This mechanical vehicle weighed 8000 pounds. First Modern Automobile: Benz Patent –Motorwagen invested by a German in the year 1886 is said to be the first ever modern automobile. First Mass-Produced Automobile: Ford Model T is the first mass-produced automobile, and the production started in the year 1913. A