Get More Out Of Your UPS With External Batteries

Image of UPS with External Batteries

The present era is all about technology. Without being connected online, most of us can hardly work. It is why power-outages lead to direct financial loss. Considering power cuts are becoming more common with the rise in global warming, there is a need for constant power backup.

For homes and offices, it comes in the form of inverters and external batteries. For computers, they come in the form of UPS. Inverter battery dealers can be approached for reliable products and services.

But a UPS is capable of working only for a short time. What happens when you are working on a critical project and the computer shuts-down because the power flickered off? Yes, the UPS will give you enough time to save your work and switch off the PC but not more. What if we told you there is a method to increase the power backup of your UPS?

An expert at Nantech came across a unique article a few days back. The post talked about how you can keep the UPS working for an extended time using external batteries such as a car’s. We explain the procedure in simpler language down below, step by step.

Image of a UPS Battery
Some UPS brands come with the ability to be connected to external batteries. Once the UPS accepts the power input from another battery, it increases the stored power capacity. Therefore, the first step is to read the manual which came along with UPS. Check if it supports outside batteries.

o If it does, then buy a battery pack that is compatible with the UPS. Most often, the battery pack will be by the same manufacturer as the UPS. For an emergency case, even a car’s battery will work in a jiffy.
o If the UPS is connected to a system, then unplug it completely.
o Put the external battery next to the UPS and then connect its cord to the port given in the UPS unit.
o Once the UPS and external battery are connected, replug the device to the UPS unit. Your computer is now ready to work for hours even with an electricity cut!

The post here illuminates the process in more detail if required. One thing that should be borne in mind is that UPS units cannot be “daisy-chained” until clearly specified by the manufacturer. Connecting one with another will not only damage the units but also all devices connected to them.

Another aspect to remember is the wattage of the UPS. If you are extending the life of a UPS with an external battery, then pick a unit which has a double the wattage you will consume. A low wattage unit can only run for a few minutes; an extended life will, therefore, need more power capacity.

One last tip to get more out of your UPS is dividing the load. If you don’t want to take the risk of adding another battery to the UPS, then take two units and connect the monitor to one and the CPU to another.

Here you can also refer from this article about how to add external battery to ups to extend runtime


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