Get More Out Of Your UPS With External Batteries

The present era is all about technology. Without being connected online, most of us can hardly work. It is why power-outages lead to direct financial loss. Considering power cuts are becoming more common with the rise in global warming, there is a need for constant power backup.
For homes and offices, it comes in the form of inverters and external batteries. For computers, they come in the form of UPS. Inverter battery dealers can be approached for reliable products and services.
But a UPS is capable of working only for a short time. What happens when you are working on a critical project and the computer shuts-down because the power flickered off? Yes, the UPS will give you enough time to save your work and switch off the PC but not more. What if we told you there is a method to increase the power backup of your UPS?
An expert at Nantech came across a unique article a few days back. The post talked about how you can keep the UPS working for an extended time using external batteries suc…

A How-To Guide On Keeping Classic Cars Working

They don’t make them like that anymore. This adage is valid for a lot of gadgets, but when it comes to cars, it is even more so. The classics built an era back are incomparable. The present generation cars do come up to the mark one way or the other. It is why classic car lovers are cropping up left, right, and centre. That said, taking care of old cars is not easy. They require special attention to keep them running.
How to maintain your classic cars - tips shared by Leading Carshowroom Dealers Popular Hyundai Showroomin South India, comes to save the day. The experts at the showroom give a few invaluable tips on caring for ageing and classic vehicles.    Keep An Eye On Cooling SystemsThe system that carries engine coolant works in severe conditions. It transports the coolant at high pressure and temperatures above 240-degree Fahrenheit. The pump that discharges water faces a similar working condition. Combined with it is the almost nil attention car owners pay to the systems, they te…

Classic Car Events That You Must Attend In The Year 2019

Classic car event is where various vintage and classic cars take part. This year there are several classic car events to be organized. People who attend the event would get an opportunity to witness the car race of several classic cars. You can also take part in the auction sale of vintage cars.
Some of the popular classic car events of the year 2019.
Mecum Kissimmee Auction This auction is widely popular all over the world, and nearly 3000 cars are exhibited for sale. Visitors can witness some wide range of classic cars. You can have a look of entry-level cars and supercars hosted by Mecum. You can enjoy the warmth of summer when you take part in this annual classic car auction and sale.
Scottsdale Auctions You can have a chance to have a look at the most high-end cars, and this auction takes place in Arizona. You can take part in the auction of some of the exceptional classic cars. This event would set a sales trend for most of the cars.
Retromobile It is a unique classic car event that t…

The New GST Rules On Sale Of Old Motor Vehicles

When GST came into place some years back, the sale of old and used motor vehicles got a significant hit because they were taxed at the same rate as new motor vehicles. It was capped at 28% GST plus Cess (as applicable). At the start of 2018, the government issued a new notification. Dates 25-1-8, the notification gave major relief to sellers of used/old cars.
Depending upon the category, the GST now applicable ranges from 18% to 12%, which has made buying used vehicle affordable. Furthermore, another notification was issued under the Compensation Cess (Rate) that stated all sales of old and used vehicles would be exempt from Cess.
The only question left to answer was the valuation of the vehicle. In simpler words, at what value will GST be applied. The. Notification No. 8/2018 by Central Tax (Rate) provides detailed information about the same. In most instances, the value of supply is equivalent to the margin of supply, and on this amount, GST is applicable.  Two cases define the margin…

Facts Of Chasing Classic Cars By Wayne Carini

Chasing classic cars is a popular car program hosted by Wayne Carini, a classic car lover. He travels around the world to hunt popular classic vehicles from all eras. Carini is capable of restoring and renovating classic from all over the world. He takes part in auction sale for selling some of his classic collections. He has his collection of classic cars.
Some of the facts of chasing classic cars by Wayne Carini
Ferrari 250 WB- Life Long Chase
Wayne Carini chased has several cars in his lifetime. The Ferrari 250 WB classic car was the one that he chased all his lifetime. It is not possible to own this classic car as it is costly.
Personal Collection
Carini restores many classic cars and sells it, other car lovers. But Carini owns its collection of classic cars. Carini’s personal collection of classic cars contains nearly 25 popular classic cars. Some of the cars in his collection include 1952 Muntz Jet, 1964 Shelby Cobra, 1936 Ford Pickup and lot more.
Dream Car Chase-36 years
Wayne Carin…

Popular Classic Cars That You Must Drive

Car lovers wish to own a classic car. It is considered as a symbol of status and pride for car lovers. Classic cars are the one which is older than 20 years. Classic cars are expensive, and it is known for its stylish looks.
Some of the classic cars that every classic car lover must own.
Acura NSX: This is one of the luxury classic cars that you must try out in your life. It is considered as a supercar and known for it is high-end performance. The unique style of the car has made it enter the list of famous classic cars.
Aston Martin DB5: This vehicle does not require any introduction. This car was featured in the James Bond Hollywood Film. It is one of the historical vehicles that is known for its remarkable performance. Austin Healey 3000
Chevrolet Corvette: This is the most owned classic car by the majority of classic car lovers. It is an iconic car of America. It is a breathtaking model which is popular to date. This car is available for auction in various sales.
Lamborghini Miura: Thi…

Popular Classic Cars That You Must Know About

Classic cars are a symbol of status for car lovers. Car enthusiasts are crazy about owning a classic car that possesses certain unique features. Classic cars are vehicles that are more than 20 years old. Classic cars are expensive, and it is usually purchased in an auction sale.
Here is the list of top classic vehicles that are popular among car lovers all around the world.
Shelby 427 Cobra-1966: This is a popular classic car of great value. It is known for its power to weight ratio, and it performs much better than the Corolla type of cars. It is worth the money you invest in this classic car. It is compared to the power of a cobra.
Jaguar E Type -1961: This is considered as one of the most beautiful classic cars. It is known for its unique style. Everyone praised its beauty and style when it was released in the year 1961.
Maserati Ghibli 4.7- 1969: The shark shaped nose of this classic car has made it one of the most popular classic cars. The car is known for its high-end performance.