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If you are a collector of vintage cars or enjoy collecting information about different vintage cars belonging to different eras, you have come to the right place. The website http://survivorcollectorcar.com/ was set up by a group of vintage car enthusiasts to share their love of vintage cars with the world.

The Survivor Collector Car Website also holds an annual car show where vintage car owners get to showcase their prized beauties for other vintage car lovers. For a car to be deemed vintage, it needs to have its original factory paint as well as the appropriate documents that show its year of manufacture. If the car has had any restoration done to bring it to the current era, the car will be disqualified as a vintage car. A true vintage car usually has its original factory paint with no touch ups, and none of the parts would have been replaced either. Although it may sound a bit picky, there are still lent of cars across the country that classify as vintage cars. These days, vintage car collectors have started building their own collection by looking for vintage cars in old garage lots and so on. Survivor Collector Car can also help you locate the original pieces of any era car that you are looking for. With so many vintage car enthusiasts in a single location, most of them are willing to help out fellow enthusiasts in restoring a car to its original value. The forum on the website is also an excellent place to have plenty of interesting discussions about anything related to vintage cars.

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