Wonderful Car Facts That You Should Know

Cars are amazing vehicles that are used widely by people all around the world. There are luxury cars used by wealthy people and compact cars that are affordable for everyone. Cars are used for travel as it is a comfortable means of transport. There are various popular brands and models of cars available in the market.

Here some of the weird facts about car that you must be aware of.

First Speeding Ticket: The first speeding ticket was issued in the year 1902.

Majority Of Cars Are Manufactured In China: It is said that most of the cars in the U.K is manufactured in China. Nearly one of four cars in the U.K is made from China.

Features Of Formula 1 Cars:

Formula 1 cars are designed for racing and it posses certain unique features. It is possible to drive a formula a car upside down for a very fast speed. The maximum speed of Formula 1 in the upside down direction is nearly 120 mph. It is also possible to drive the car upside down in a tunnel.

Total Number Of Cars Manufactured:  Number of cars are manufactured every year. Nearly 60 million cars are produced every year. Thus it is astonishing to know that almost 165,000 cars in one day. Therefore 115 cars are manufactured in one minute.

Total Cars in Use: The total number of cars manufactured is not in use. People in the world are using nearly one billions of cars. Thus there is one car for seven people in the world.

Traffic Time: In British, it is said that drivers spend nearly 100 days waiting in traffic in their lifetime. It's a depressing fact.

Travel To Moon: When you travel at a speed of 60mph in a car, you can reach the moon in a month.

Parts Of A Car: There are nearly 30,000 parts in a car. All these parts are unique and serve a specific function. It is essential to place them right so that the car functions right in the road.

Rolls Royce Cars: There are nearly 75% of Roll Royce cars in use on roads today.

Volkswagen –Popular Car Brands: Volkswagen owns some of the famous car brands.
Car Accident: The first car accident happened in the year 1891, but there were no major injuries.

Largest Speeding Fine: The speeding fine in Sweden is more than that of your salary. You would be fine 1,000,000 euros when the speed of the car exceeds 180mph.

Cruise Control Invention: Ralph Teetor, a blind person invested in the cruise control invention.

The above are some of the surprising facts about cars.


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