Interesting Facts About Cars For Kids

Kids love to travel in cars, and some are crazy about specific brands and models. Some kids have their preferences in choosing their favorite car. They choose cars based on shape, color, and performance on the road. It is, of course, one of the preferred topic discussed among when friends. Kids who are interested to know about cars must read the article below. Here you would know about some interesting facts about cars.

Unknown Facts About Classic Cars For Kids

More Cars Than People

It is astonishing to know that in this world the number of cars is more than that of the population of the world. The total population of the world is 7.4 billion, and that of the cars are nearly 10 billion. The car population is more than that of the world's people population. It may sound weird, and you would come with a question that who drives those cars. The count is high because many cars are manufactured and they are not used for several reasons.

Recycled Product –Cars

The most recycled product in the world is cars. When the car is of no use, it is mostly recycled, and it is used for several other purposes. Every year nearly 27 million cars are recycled.

More Numbers Of Parts

A car contains many parts. It is said that there are nearly 30,000 parts in a car. All these parts should be rightly placed so that the cars functions right on the roads. Thus it is similar to solving a puzzle when it comes to constructing a car. Some of the parts of the car are recyclable.

Longest Living Car

A Rolls Royce car called as Piccadilly P1 Roadster was owned by Allen swift that was gifted by his dad for his graduation. He held the car for nearly 82 years. This was the longest living in the car.

Longest Traffic Jam

In the Guinness world of records, the longest traffic jam was recorded. This took place in the year 1980 and was between the roads of Lyon and Paris. Tourists from all over the world got stuck in this traffic when they returned home after Ski holidays. The traffic was due to bad weather.

First Automobile Traffic

Do you ever know when the first automobile accident took place? It happened in the year 1891, and the car was owned by James William, which crashed as it hit a tree. There were no major injuries.

Self Driven Cars

Self-driven cars or autonomous vehicles that are driverless, and it is about to hit the market. This would help to reduce road accidents. You may require a license even for an autonomous vehicle.

The above are some of the interesting facts about cars to be known by kids.


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