Amazing Facts About Cars

Car is one of the popular vehicles which is widely used people for travel. There are several types and brands of cars available in the market. A car which is considered as a necessity now was a luxury element in the past. Today people make use of cars for their comfort. It is also cheap when you travel as a group daily.

Amazing and interesting Facts About the Classic Cars

Engine Power

The engine power of cars is tremendous, and it is measured in terms of horsepower. In London, at the Royal Mews Stable, there were nearly 30 horses in the year 1760 when King George was in power. Now you can purchase a simple and compact car which is of 150 horsepower engine. It has the power nearly 150 horses and it as sheer muscles like the kings. Thus now cars are very much powerful than you imagine.

Horse Power

Horsepower is defined as the power required for lifting nearly 33,000 pounds for a distance of one foot in one minute. But the muster of a real horse is only 0.7 times of the horsepower mentioned above.

Auto Fatality

The first auto fatality that was documented in the U.S took place in the year 1899.  In the city of New York, a person name H.H Bliss was hit by an electric taxicab when he came from a trolley car. The automobile fatality rate is nothing but death per passenger per mile of travel. This rate has dropped down drastically by 80 percent in the last few decades. The fatality rate was more in the past, and if the rate continues, then there would be nearly 150,000 deaths, and this would account to the loss of a population of a city within two years.

Seat Belts

The use of seat belts by car drivers is the main reason for the decrease in auto accidents.


For the safety of car driving, lighting is an important aspect which helps to concentrate on driving.

Autonomous And Self Driving Cars

Most of the cars that are used today are autonomous or self-driving. This can help to reduce the congestion that happens during peak times. These cars can also identify parking areas quickly. Sensors help to know about an impending crash, and this applies brakes automatically.

The above are some of the amazing and interesting facts about the car that you should know.


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