Survivor Collector Car is the organizer of the annual Survivor Car Show. It is open to the public, where people from all walks of life get a chance to see original cars in all their glory without any modifications made to their exterior or interior.  At Survivor Collector Cars, we look at the following criteria to deem whether a car can be conferred the title of being a “Survivor” or not:
 Original Paint
The car needs to have its original factory paint to be strictly classified as a survivor car. Some people try to give the car a fresh coat of paint in the same color. However, collector and survivor car enthusiasts prefer the original car paint as it gives more insight to the history of the car.
Original Equipment Or Parts
A true survivor car will have all its original parts and equipment. Most often people try to replace the older equipment with more modern equipment to offer more luxury, however it brings down the value of the survivor car.
Original Documentation
A well-documented car is often preferred by survivor car collectors. Since it is often not possible to get your hands on the original documents, you can search the vehicle for a hidden build sheet. This usually holds all the details about the specifications of your vehicle. If you are not sure of where exactly to look for the build sheet, a quick search online will point you in the right direction.

Survivor Collector Car was established by a group of car enthusiasts. We wanted to share their love of survivor cars with the public and came up with the idea of holding annual exhibitions so that proud collectors can show off their survivor cars. The general public also gets to see how actual cars used to look like in the old days. Kids are often fascinated to see the difference between the vehicles they see on the road today and the cars at the exhibition. If you are fond of survivor cars, like us, drop a line, we love meeting other enthusiasts.